Bat Speed Program

  • Bat Speed And Power Hitting Aid
  • Batting Trainers
  • Baseball Hitting Training Aids Laser Power Swing Trainer
  • Get more bat speed for power, and accuracy when making contact with the baseball.
  • Baseball Hitting Training Aids Laser Power Swing Trainer
  • As you stay through the ball, resistance builds strength in your shoulders, and core muscles.

Do you believe in miracles?

If not, try this.

Side Toss, Tee or Front Toss, or mix-and-match.

  • Step 1, Top-Hand: 10 Swings
  • Step 2, Bottom-Hand: 10 Swings
  • Step 3, Laser Blast: 10 Swings
  • Step 4, Laser Whip: 10 Swings

Remove your bat speed trainer and wear around your waist. Take 10 regular swings, and witness the miracle of bat speed.

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Bat Speed Workout
Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

Wearing the #LaserBST (#BatSpeedTrainer), how it works, benefits, design, #SpringTraining BP tips, Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; elongating swing path, extending, ahead in the batting count.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, February 8, 2020