Instant Bat Speed

  • Instant Bat Speed. Setup, Laser Whip, Back arm inside your baseball swing trainer.
  • Instant bat speed. Featured Exopower power swing phase, Accelerated Launch .
  • Instant Bat Speed. Accelerated Launch. 3…2…1…TAKE OFF! Starting your Baseball Swing, our Bat Speed Trainer uses energy from baseball resistance, to trigger acceleration, improving bat speed, contact accuracy, fix a casting swing, and build fast twitch muscle fibers for power hitting on game day.
  • Instant Bat Speed. Releasing from Exoprecise resistance is the catalyst for bat speed as your elbows return to your body's center. Featured power hitter Clinton Balgera. Inventor, Exoprecise technology incl. our bat speed trainer.

Get Instant Bat Speed

Bat speed trainer for baseball, and softball power hitting. Patented Exoprecise forces builds strength in hitting muscles, releasing from Exoprecise forces triggers bat speed. Simple, correct?

Bat Speed Workout

Q: What are the advantages of our Exoprecise hitting products?

A: Players are ahead of the curve.

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