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Appearing as the device, coaching your upper body, additionally, improving core-turning mechanics. Our proven method to improve lower-body/core mechanics, commonly known as swinging with the hips; Exoprecise hitting trainers navigate the core muscles to dominate your swing. Reducing the influence of secondary hitting muscles, for example, the front-deltoids, and biceps; leaving the core muscles free, developing and thriving. Conversely, ordinary hitting devices, restricting the lower core/hips, leaving your arms free, disengaging the kinetic chain.


  • If you rush, and reach, you’ll hit a weak pull-side ground ball, and opposite-field pop-up.
  • Prevent, “reaching and lunging,” tracking the ball, releasing from the coaches hand, traveling to the home plate. Exoprecise hitting trainers provide the extra time, making your decision to swing/take, use it to your advantage, improving the batter’s eye, bat speed, and power.
  • Generate power from the stronger core muscles, conversely, the weaker muscles of your arms/shoulders.
  • COACHES! Watch your players hit from side-on, the back foot is an indicator of the Kinetic Chain; big muscles fire-first. Spinning fast and on the toes, turning from the hip-joint (enabling your kinetic chain), conversely, turning the back foot from your knee, disengaging the kinetic chain.
  • Hitting the ball over the middle of home plate, avoid, pulling the ball. Aim to hit up the middle, and outfield gaps, coaching to stay back, keeping the ball in fair territory.
  • During contact and follow-through, minimize the movement of your head. Pulling the head off the ball indicates, over swinging, pull-hitting approach, predetermining the raising of both arms on the finish; triggering hyper-extension of the back shoulder, knocking your chin/head off the ball.
  • Don’t think! The subconscious triggers your reflex system, processing information exponentially quicker, comparing to the conscious mind. Overthinking interrupts the process, shut-down the mind and open your eyes, activating the lightning reflexes; critical, facing the best pitchers in your league.
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