Strength Training Batting Aid

Batting Aid

Improve Strength, And Bat Speed For Youth Players

During the growth transition period of 14-18 years, players require a strategy to adjust their swing to their changing body. Such as using our batting aid to improve muscle strength, bat speed, and form.

  1. Laser Drill Type: LASER Blast.
  2. Resistance: Medium to strong.
  3. Bat: Heavier than normal (optional)
  4. Contact: Closer to your body.
  5. Purpose: Training skills necessary for success against powerful and accurate pitchers, with an arsenal of secondary pitch types, for example; hard and late breaking slider, or split finger fastball.

Quick Tips

  1. If you rush and reach your swing, you’ll hit a weak pull-side groundball, opposite field pop up or swing and miss.
  2. Prevent, “reaching or lunging” by tracking the ball as it releases from the coaches hand and 3/4 way down toward home plate. The Laser Power Swing Trainer gives you time to hit, use it to your advantage and you’ll improve your batter’s eye, bat speed, and power.
  3. Generate power from your stronger core muscles, as opposed to using the weaker muscles of your arms and shoulders. COACHES! Watch your players from side-on. Your back foot is a key indicator of the Kinetic Chain (big muscles fire first and small follow). Check the back foot is spinning fast and on the toes. To achieve this motion, you’re required to turn your back foot from your core muscles and hip joint (enabling your kinetic chain), as opposed to turning your back foot from your knee (disengaging your kinetic chain).
  4. Don’t try to pull the ball down the line. Focus up the middle or outfield gaps, helping to stay back and keep the ball in fair territory.
  5. Minimize head movement at contact and follow through. Jerky head movement indicates over swinging, pull hitting approach or predetermining an unnatural high lift on your follow through; triggering your back shoulder to hyperextend and knock your chin.
  6. Don’t think! Your subconscious triggers your reflexes, processing information faster than your conscious mind. Overthinking interrupts this process, shut down your mind and open your eyes to trigger your lightning reflexes. You’ll need this skill when facing the best pitchers.


Once your mind has adjusted, and you crush a few balls, skills progress quickly; as this young player discovered today.


*Our proven method to improve lower core mechanics, commonly known as swinging with your hips; is to encourage your core muscles to dominate your swing. Though our baseball batting aid appears to only be a device for your upper body, additionally it’s the best way to improve lower core mechanics. Aside from the upper body benefits of speed and strength in smaller hitting muscles, such as; rear deltoids, and forearms. Our power batting aid reduces the influence of non-essential hitting muscles, including your front deltoids and biceps. Leaving your lower core muscles free to develop and thrive. Opposite, are devices restricting your lower core/hips, leaving your arms free to trigger disengagement of your kinetic chain.


Want to learn more about the basics of lower core/hip mechanics? Try step 1, of our free access; 20 Minute Lasers:

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