Bottom Hand Drill


    20 Minute Lasers is a free access baseball hitting program (works for softball), coaching the basics of hitting, overload for strength, underload for bat speed, and game day hitting; by the inventor of our Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera, providing one example of the infinite ways you can hit. Our baseball swing trainer works for all swings, therefore, you can practice as usual; and seamlessly integrate with your favorite hitting drills. Additionally, 20 Minute Lasers introduces the basics of our groundbreaking Multi-Swing Method.

    Video Transcript

    1. Now we are going to isolate and improve our bottom hand hitting mechanics
    2. Working on hitting the ball further away from your body, AKA “extended;” with bottom hand side toss
    3. Avoid overswinging, focus on your core, turning your back foot from your hips
    4. Relax, and aim to hit the ball back up the middle
    Multi-Swing Method
    hitting trainer, Laser Strap Hitting Program