Exercises to Increase Bat Speed and Power

Build strength in power hitting muscles

Baseball and softball workouts to hit a baseball or softball farther

Power baseball swing drills, exercises to increase bat speed and power; our baseball hitting workout program works for all swing types and skill level. Our baseball and softball batting aid is a world first; using patented Exoprecise technology to increase strength in power hitting muscles, guiding you to compact home run hitting baseball swing mechanics.


The primary baseball and softball power hitting muscles your workout are conscious, for example, feeling resistance as your consciously raise and lower your elbows for ten repetitions. Second, subconscious (automatic or involuntary), for example, the deep layer core muscles of your back, sides, and abdominals; without thinking you increase strength in critical batting muscles, “getting a baseball power swing workout, without working out!”


Baseball Hitting Aid, Strength Training

Q: What are the advantages of our Exoprecise hitting products?

A: Players are ahead of the curve.

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