Exoprecise, Batting Trainer

    About The Video

    • Title: Exoprecise, Batting Trainer
    • Length: 1:52
    • Description: Exoprecise Forces (resistance and acceleration) balance, and synchronize, providing the precise amount of force, activating the deeper-layer/explosive hitting muscles; increasing bat speed, mechanics, strength, endurance, and posture.
    • Full Video: Spring Training 2020
    • Genre: Batting Trainer
    • Featured Product: Laser BST Bat Speed Trainer
    • Presenter/Coach: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
    • Location: Bennet Park, WA, Australia
    • Created By: Hit Lasers
    • Date Published:
    • Upload Date: 2020-02-26
    • Producer/Copyright/Patent Holder: Exoprecise
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    • Content Rating: G
    Accelerated Launch, Bat Speed, Load Force, Product Info, Quickstart, Strength & Endurance
    Bennet Park, Exoprecise Forces, Fix The Swing, Laser Blast, Laser BST, Tee Drill