Hitting Lasers, Player 2 Highlights

About The Video

  • Title: Hitting Lasers, Player 2 Highlights.
  • Length: 6 minutes, and 15 seconds.
  • Overview: “He is hitting really well now and is having a great start to the baseball season. Every at-bat that he is having he is making contact and getting safe on base with RBI’s… As he and myself got a lot out of the coaching that he received from you that day at the Bat Cave.” Travis Dungey, Youth Baseball Parent; Western Australia.
  • Location: Bat Cave, Hitting Cages; Western Australia, Australia.
  • Video Series: Hitting Lasers.
  • Player: Junior baseball.
  • Presenter: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, and creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Drills: Laser Reflex front toss, and The Red Hat Drill.
  • Product: Hit Lasers (Two-Piece) Bat Speed Trainer.
  • Product Category: Exoprecise hitting trainer.
  • Product Model: ROM2.
  • Setup: Laser Blast.
Hitting Lasers, Hitting Tips, Multi-Swing Method
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