Improve Hitting

    Swing Trainer For Powerful Extension


    • Follow your natural swing path and WHIP your bat to the ball and past contact.
    • Elongated and circular swing plane, your circle gets bigger as the distance of your contact depth moves away and lower from your core.
    • Stay back, stay centered; ensuring your head remains in the middle of your center of gravity. Otherwise, known as; “staying in your legs.”
    • To reach the outside edges of home plate, release your top when you feel pressure on your back shoulder. Failure to do this results in a weak, ground ball and pop-up or striking out. Why? Anatomically, your front arm has a longer reach in front and away from the plate. Regarding, low-and-outside or low- and-in-front, contact depths; if you keep both hands on the bat, your back gets in the way.
    Hitting Aids Extension