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It is a challenge to hit the dominant inside fastball, using the loopy “hanging slider swing,” likewise, hitting the hanging slider, using the “short and flat swing.” Our question, why do you practice the same swing type/method? Coaching multiple swing types, hitting all pitch locations/types for power is the logical answer. The player in the video B/T L/R, bottom hand dominant, using a top-hand release follow-through, excellent for extending locations; hitting the ball further away from the body. To be a complete hitting, coaching to hit a dominant inside pitch, using a two-hand follow through, and a short/flat swing plane.

  • Relax your hands and elbows.
  • Relax, removing tension from your upper body.
  • Keep both hands on your bat on your follow-through for this drill.
  • Take a swing, visualize hitting a dominant “up-and-inside” fastball; contact closer to your body.
  • Use a “short-and-flat” swing plane for a “hard-and-flat” pitch.
  • Keeping both hands on your bat on your follow-through.
  • Don’t lift your bat; keep the bat flat, or you will swing and miss with a dominant inside pitch.
  • Hitting “up-hard-and-inside” you don’t need to lift, the ball will carry over the fence with a flat swing.
  • If you lift you’ll overextend, knocking your head off the ball with your rear shoulder.
  • Imagine you are hitting the ball higher in the zone, and closer to your body.
  • Now turn from your core/hips; exploding from your core, the hips are turning your back leg/foot.
  • Quick with your turn; your core explodes, your hands stay back; you’ll notice a big improvement in bat speed.
  • Toss the ball up and in, challenge your players; track the ball longer, make contact closer to your body.
  • Relax your hands, use a short and flat swing plane.
  • Looking for something hard, up and inside.
  • Let the ball travel, track the ball making contact closer to your body.

The Multi-Swing Method defines primary swing types, recognizing each requires unique mechanics for success, coaching all contact areas for the complete power hitter. Mechanical adjustments include reducing and increasing swing movement, swing angle, circumference, using a one and two-handed follow-through.

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