Core Strengthening Exercise

Summary: Video Transcript

  1. Many players are weak in the stability/core muscles, critical for power hitting. Especially, muscles for engaging your core in the batting stance; the Stability muscles, connecting to your hips/core.
  2. The following is a simple exercise to strengthen your core muscles. You can do a few sets, riding the ball for 30-60 seconds.
  3. The stabilizing muscles grow quickly, comparing to the muscle groups, for example, your biceps.
  4. Place your knees on the outside of the ball, squeeze your knees into the ball, and gently roll forward. Holding, resting your hand for balance.
  5. Already my inner thighs are shaking from the stress.
  6. Hold this spot for as long as you can.
  7. Stronger players can remove the hand, boosting your workout.
  8. Finishing, gently roll back and plant your feet on the ground.
  9. Feeling the muscles of the inner legs, these muscles are critical to engaging your core in your batting stance.
  10. Here’s another good exercise for your hamstrings and lower back.
  11. Rest your back up against a wall, placing your foot in the middle of the ball, feeling the stretch, from your lower hamstring to your back muscles.
  12. Core muscles of the torso, starting at the knees, to the rib cage, all the muscles attaching to your hips; Strength and flexibility, critical for baseball/softball power hitting; sports in general.
  13. Hold for 20-60 seconds, rotate the ball, turning your head in the opposite direction, working your lower-back, improving strength and flexibility, for extension on your swing follow through.
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