Power Hitting Mechanics

If you’re guessing a mistake pitch, such as a “hanging slider” you have to option to elongate your mechanics; using higher leg kick, and raised elbow. The reduction in pitch speed gives you more time to get to the ball, opposed to a dominant fastball where you have minimal time to react.

The “Power V” is a byproduct of making contact further away from your body, coaches using the “Power V” as the “only solution” for their hitting program, training a predetermined “Power V” swing for every pitch location, are misguided. Ruining your players swing, setting them up for failure against a dominant fastball; making contact closer to your body.

Clinton Balgera, Inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer.

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Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

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Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, February 8, 2020