Powerful Swing Extension

    Low And Outside Power Baseball Swing

    Laser Power Swing Trainer

    The final round of this video gives an example of powerful swing extension without a high elbow, and stride. In this case, power is generated by a strong bottom hand.

    Multi-Swing Method Part 2:

    Limited time to react, making contact away from your body. The goal is balancing your power swing by improving bottom-hand strength, and mechanics, allowing for power hitting in multiple locations; improving contact further away from your body, for change-ups, and hard-late-breaking-and-outside pitches; adding to a player’s current strength, #hitting mid-to-deep locations. Learn more about the Multi-Swing Method »

    1. Removing our front arm from your Laser Power Swing Trainer batting aid
    2. Working on hitting the “low and outside” or “low and in front” pitch
    3. Using a top hand release swing, gaining extra plate coverage for extreme pitch locations
    4. Right there, Laser Whip!


    20 Minute Lasers is a free access baseball hitting program (works for softball), coaching the basics of hitting, overload for strength, underload for bat speed, and game day hitting; by the inventor of our Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera, providing one example of the infinite ways you can hit. Our baseball swing trainer works for all swings, therefore, you can practice as usual; and seamlessly integrate with your favorite hitting drills. Additionally, 20 Minute Lasers introduces the basics of our groundbreaking Multi-Swing Method.
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