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Low And Outside Power Baseball Swing

Laser Power Swing Trainer

The final round of this video gives an example of powerful swing extension without a high elbow, and stride. In this case, power is generated by a strong bottom hand.

Multi-Swing Method Part 2:

Limited time to react, making contact away from your body. The goal is balancing your power swing by improving bottom-hand strength, and mechanics, allowing for power hitting in multiple locations; improving contact further away from your body, for change-ups, and hard-late-breaking-and-outside pitches; adding to a player’s current strength, #hitting mid-to-deep locations. Learn more about the Multi-Swing Method »

  1. Removing our front arm from your Laser Power Swing Trainer batting aid
  2. Working on hitting the “low and outside” or “low and in front” pitch
  3. Using a top hand release swing, gaining extra plate coverage for extreme pitch locations
  4. Right there, Laser Whip!
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