Rotational Exercise

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Adjusting to the general size, coaching all swing types/methods, additionally, reducing the size, increasing the Exoprecise forces:

  • Fastball hitting.
  • Fix mistakes.
  • Coaching rotation.

Summary: Video Transcript

  • The core, controlling your back leg turn, coaching proper rotation, lifting your back leg off the ground.
  • Right-hand hitters lift your right leg. Left-hand hitters lift your left leg.
  • Taking the weight off your foot, replicating the motion on game-day.
  • Turn your knee in, and ankle out, making an “L shape” with your leg.
  • Turn the back leg from your hip, rotating for 10 repetitions, feeling the core muscles.
  • Failing to understand the critical movement, grasping the concept, during batting practice, and game-day is challenging.
Multi-Swing Method, Reflex
Jack Smalpage, Laser Pro, Rotational Hitting Aids, Turn-Control, Victoria Park

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