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    “The following video shows a talented youth player, doing a fantastic job with top hand side toss; an advanced drill for her age. In fact, her top hand, and rotational mechanics are better than most men, including professionals. Note the way her back foot turns, before contact is made; an indication she is turning from her core. Well done, and keep up the great work!” Clint Balgera, Inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer.

    After a round of crushing Laser Beam Top Hand side toss, she is onto Laser Blast Side Toss; a fantastic swing, geared for success against a dominant fastball. In fact, one of the best swings we have featured on our videos. Well done, keep up the great work!”

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    Softball Power Hitting

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    I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

    Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.