Staying In Your Legs

    Low and Outside Extension Tee Drill

    Our Advanced Laser Whip drills give you the option to use a Top Hand release follow through, giving you more plate coverage; if required for 2-strike hitting or when you are fooled by a pitch. Learn more about our Muti-Swing Method

    Video Transcript

    1. Stride, rotate, avoid collapsing on your front leg. Lock it up.
    2. Keep your head in your center of gravity and you reach out with your arms to get extension
    3. You can reach “in front and outside” pitch locations if you rotate correctly, freeing your upper body
    4. If you collapse your front leg or “lunge” with the outside pitch, you will lose power
    5. Track the ball, stay in your legs, stay balanced
    6. If you want more reach, you have the option of releasing your top-hand; as you feel pressure on your rear shoulder
    7. Minimize the bend in your front knee, otherwise your head will move, affecting your vision
    8. Keep your head in the center of your body, and reach out with your arms to keep your power
    9. Stride, stay back, reach out with your arms
    10. When you break down with your front side, you’ll most likely “roll over” or hit a weak “pop-up”
    11. Stay in your legs and you will harness more bat speed, and power
    12. Make sure you don’t collapse on your front leg
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