Staying In Your Legs

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  1. Stride, rotate, maintain the balance, avoid collapsing on your front leg; lock it up at contact.
  2. Collapsing on the front leg/lunging moves your head, disrupting vision, reduces power; triggering the “roll over,” and “pop-up.”
  3. Proper rotation, frees the upper body to extend, hitting the challenging pitch locations for power.
  4. Track the ball, and stay in your legs, keeping the head in your center of gravity, extending your arms to the ball.
  5. Releasing the top-hand, feeling pressure on your rear shoulder, accommodating the extra-reach.
Multi-Swing Method

Hybrid Mechanics, using the top hand release; and Laser Whip drills, accommodating to the plate coverage; critical for 2-strike hitting, making adjustments, recovering after being fooled by the pitch.

Hybrid, Multi-Swing Method
Hitting Aids Extension, Low Ball Hitting, Low/Extending Power Series (Advanced), Top Hand Release, Victoria Park