Keeping Eyes On The Ball

    Video Transcript


    1. The Glove Hat drill helps to fix the number one mistake when hitting, pulling your head and front shoulder off the ball; triggered by conscious thoughts of “pulling” or “home run” triggering you to overswing and pull off the ball. Additionally, lacking confidence causes you to rush and pull out of your swing
    2. Take your glove; I’m using a first baseman glove; you can use any type
    3. Open the glove and place it on the top of your head
    4. Works with most drills, tee, side-toss or front-toss
    5. If you swing and keep your head still, the glove will stay on the hat
    6. If you pull your head off the ball, the glove will fall off; which is a good indicator for players, coaches, and parents, as to whether you’re pulling off the ball
    7. If the player is “pulling off” the ball, check the back foot, make sure you are rotating your back leg using your hip joint/core muscles
    8. If your foot is stuck in the ground, failure to rotate triggers you to pull out of your swing
    9. Now to demonstrate, what happens when a player pulls their head off the ball
    10. You can see when I dip my shoulders, my head tilts, and the glove falls off
    11. This is an indicator of too much movement of the head in the swing
    12. Focus on minimizing movement of the head, keeping your eyes on the ball at contact, and head down on the swing follow through
    13. Develop your hitting approach, aim to hit the ball up the middle
    14. Head still, line drive up the middle. The glove stays on my head
    15. You can hit for power when minimizing movement
    16. Focus on using your hips, “stay in your legs” and whip your hands to the ball
    17. Summarizing tips for keeping your head on the ball – 1. Relax – 2. See, track and read the ball – 3. Minimize movement of your head on your follow through – 4. Focus on hitting the ball up the middle or opposite field alley: this helps to track the ball and prevent flying open
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    I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

    Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.