Top Hand Drill

Video Transcript

  1. Hello I’m Clint Balgera the inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer
  2. Today I’m covering a few drills
  3. After watching video of myself hitting
  4. I need to improve my core mechanics and rotation, starting with isolation drills, improving my top hand and rotational mechanics; first top hand side toss, then bottom hand side toss both drills improving my core mechanics
  5. Next, Laser Blast 2-hand side toss working on a deeper contact zone
  6. Followed by a mid-range contact zone. seen with a “hanging slider swing;” after which remove my front arm; for Laser Whip side toss, working on my top hand release follow through, preparing for extreme low and outside, or low and in front
  7. Loose grip for top hand drills, working on hitting the pitch; up in the strike zone, replicating the “up and inside” fastball
  8. Unlike a loopy “hanging slider” swing, which is coming down to you, therefore you swing up to the ball; we are training to hit the “hard and flat” pitch.
  9. If you try to hit it with a loopy swing, you will miss; the loopy angle swing does not work for a dominant inside fastball, you will either swing and miss or hit a weak groundball
  10. We are training mechanics to hit the pitch that is up, and fast
  11. Hitting is easier, breaking it down to “contact close” and “contact away” from your body
  12. You need different types of mechanics for each swing
  13. We are developing your foundation, which is contact closer to your body
  14. After which you can train your mechanics for contact further away from your body
  15. The depth you hit the ball is dependant on the pitch, it is not in your control; a dominant fastball pitcher the ball arrives quickly, close to your body you have no choice, you have to hit it closer to your body
  16. You don’t have time to get extended, especially with a high elbow, and leg kick; the chances of you hitting a dominant inside fastball are slim to none
  17. Teaching mechanics to hit the pitch closer to your body; you can use it as a backup plan for 2-strikes, or facing a dominant fastball pitcher who is on his game, you can “fallback” on this swing to win the battle against the best pitcher’s in your league
  18. Top hand drill, turn your back foot from your hip, whipping the bat around your body, short and flat swing plane; don’t lift, wrap the bat around your body like nunchucks
  19. Toss the ball belt height, top hand is not designed for low and outside/front
  20. The bottom hand has more reach, better suited for extreme low and outside pitches
  21. Therefore, when isolating your top hand work on higher and deeper locations or mid range, such as hitting the “hanging slider”
  22. Beyond mid range your top hand does not have the same reach as your bottom, especially for the “low and outside edge” location; most hitters below 6 foot 4 inches can’t reach low and away using a 2 hand follow through
  23. This location is easiest to hit with a top hand release/bottom hand dominant swing
  24. Spread out stance, pinch your knees into the middle, weight on the inside balls of your feet
  25. Place your free hand on your shoulder
  26. Isolating the “foot down” position
  27. Starting with your elbow close to your body
  28. Isolating your explosive/blast phase of your swing
  29. Load with a small turn of your front knee, relax, focusing on your core/hips.
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