Top Hand Release Baseball Swing

    Powerful Extension Batting Aid

    Video Transcript


    1. Slide your top hand inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer; left-hand hitters your top hand is your left, and right-hand hitters it is your right hand
    2. For our Multi-Swing Method Laser Whip, using a top-hand release follow through
    3. You can do standard Laser Whip with any hitting drill, and swing type
    4. The Laser Power Swing Trainer trains you to stay connected, removing your front arm, isolating bat speed, and extension
    5. Giving you a boost as you release on your load, and a “whip” on your swing follow through
    6. With our Multi-Swing method (optional) use a top-hand release swing to work on extra plate coverage, great for 2 strike hitting
    7. Opposed to our higher resistance Multi-Swing Method Laser Blast drills, isolating contact closer to your body; using core force power and training rotational mechanics
    Multi-Swing Method
    Batting Aid, Power Hitting Aid