Two Hand Baseball Swing Finish

    Power Hitting Aid

    Set at a general resistance you can train any swing type, additionally, using our Multi-Swing Method; you’ve the option to set your Laser Power Swing Trainer power hitting aid at a higher resistance to work on the following:

    1. Fastball hitting
    2. Fix mistakes
    3. Teaching rotation

    Video Transcript


    1. Isolating contact closer to your body, using a two-handed follow through
    2. Multi-Swing Method, Laser Blast, Higher Resistance; you can do any drill
    3. Side-toss, Front-toss, tee, intrasquad hitting
    4. Isolating contact closer to your body
    5. High resistance Multi-Swing Laser Blast drills prevents reaching, casting, and lunging
    6. Trains core rotational mechanics to hit a dominant fastball, which is; “quickly upon you.”
    7. Tracking the ball, making contact closer to your body; fixes hitting mistakes, such as lunging
    8. A cause of lunging is fear of getting “jammed” and not seeing the ball
    9. As a result, you compensate by rushing, and lunging with your swing
    10. By tracking the ball, making contact closer to your body, you develop excellent swing habits
    11. Creating an explosive/blasting power swing, preparing you for the harsh realities of gameday hitting
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