Basic Tips For Rotational Hitting

Our baseball power swing trainer coaches explosive core power

Generate Your Swing From Your Hips

There is too much focus on the upper body when hitting, the “engine room” is your core, specifically your hips (core power). Getting into the correct lower half position, frees your upper body for a powerful swing.


Your hips are critical for generating bat speed, power. Anti-coil of the hips is generated from a from an in turn of your front knee. The hips turn toward the rear buttock, avoid wrapping your shoulders; turn your back leg from your hips, and explode from your core. Our baseball power swing trainer coaches you to use your hips, preventing arming your swing. Relax your hands at the top of the strike zone, tracking the ball, and make contact closer to your body; fixing a long, and casting swing.


Laser Blast drills are best for coaching rotation, and fixing mistakes.

Basic Hitting Tips
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