Triggered Batting Practice

To fix a long swing try the Triggered BP drill, using our Exoprecise hitting trainers; reducing the size to increase the forces, coaching to track the ball longer, making contact closer to your body, “blasting” with the core muscles.


Video Transcript

  1. Reset, step out of the batter’s box and step back in.
  2. Your focal point is the opposite field. As I drop my arm turn your front knee in; as I raise my arm stride, and plant your front foot as I release the ball.
  3. I don’t care if you get jammed on an inside fastball; I want you to try hit it.
  4. You’re over-swinging, keep your head down, and focus on the hats after contact.
  5. Step out and reset, when you swing at a bad pitch, out of the strike zone.
  6. Make sure you stride, and plant your foot on the inside balls of your feet; don’t plant of the tip of your toes.
  7. Get your foot down, and track the ball; if it is not a strike; don’t swing.
  8. Don’t over-swing, track the ball, make contact closer to your body; nice and easy swing and hit it up the middle.
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