Laser Whip, Home Run Drill

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  • Title: Laser Whip, Home Run Drill
  • Length: 0:24
  • Description: Multi-Swing Method: Think, and Hybrid mechanics, top hand release, gaining the extra reach for low, and outside pitch locations. Contact Zones: Middle, and extending. Game-day: Sitting on your pitch/guess hitting, identifying and capitalizing on the mistake pitch, aggressive hitting, ahead in the batting count, for example, 3 balls and 1 strike; belt-high, hanging breaking-ball, and the below-average fastball.
  • Video Series: Bat Speed Booster
  • Part: 8
  • Genre: Hitting Program
  • Multi-Swing Method: Think mechanics
  • Presenter/Coach: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Location: Bennet Park, WA, Australia
  • Created By: Hit Lasers
  • Date Published:
  • Upload Date: 2020-01-07
  • Producer/Copyright/Patent Holder: Exoprecise
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  • Content Rating: G
Bat Speed Booster, Batting Practice, Laser Whip
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