Power Swing Extension Drill

    Laser Whip

    Batting Aid For Powerful Extension

    • Set Up: Back arm inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer Power Batting Aid.
    • Contact Zones: Mid-to-extended.
    • Gameday Skill Set: Sitting-on-your-pitch, or guess-hitting, identify and capitalize on a pitchers mistake, hitting in “aggressive swing” batting counts; example 3 balls-1 strike, expecting a “belt-high hanging breaking ball,” or below average fastball.
    • *Optional Tip:  To gain more reach and plate coverage, use a top-hand release swing follow through.

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    Laser Power ST

    I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

    Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.