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Multi-Swing Method: Logic and Reason

5 Tips To Discover “The Holy Grail Of Hitting”

  1. Theories are biased to right-hit/right-throw/top-hand dominant hitters, or left-hit/right-throw/bottom-hand dominant hitters. Look at the bigger picture; it’s not out of the realm of possibility to be good at both, balancing the swing.
  2. Avoid assuming the coaches advice is correct, no matter the experience/expertise, cross-check the information, surprising to know the elite coaches, knowing little about the trade. Excluding the novice, there’s no excuse to ignorantly-coach misinformation.
  3. Ask yourself questions and discover the answers, using logic and, reasoning.
  4. The Muti-Swing Method notes the correlation between contact, follow-through; keeping one and two hands on the bat.
  5. Figure out the roles of the top-hand (best for contact closer to your body) and the bottom hand (further away from your body) in the swing, receiving information from the coach, asking the hand the coach B/T, figuring out the dominant-hand for the methodology.
Multi-Swing Method
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