Multi-Color Ball Drill, And Tips

  • Location: Victoria Park Reds, Western Australia, Australia
  • Coach: Clinton Balgera, inventor of our Exoprecise hitting trainers, and creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Level: Beginner and advanced.
  • Game-day autopilot: Relax, allowing the eyes to trigger your load.
  • Release Point Training: Pitcher arm angles, straight over the top, 3/4, submarine, and L/R pitchers.
  • Timing: Adjusting to the pitcher’s tempo, wind-up, and style.
  • Batter’s box routine: Coaching the consistent routine for game-day success.

The Eyes And Subconscious Mind Are The Catalysts For Your Baseball Swing

Seeing the baseball/softball is critical to game day consistency. During coaches batting practice, focus on the release point, tracking the ball, keeping the head down,; improving your hitting approach.

The Earlier You See The Ball The Better Chance You’ve To Hit It For Power
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Q: What are the advantages of our Exoprecise hitting products?

A: Players are ahead of the curve.

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