Reflex, And Think Side Toss

About The Video

  • Length: 58 seconds.
  • Location: Perth, Western Australia; Australia.
  • Video Series: Multi-Swing Bat Speed Booster.
  • Overview: Round 1) Laser Reflex, compact swing, fastball hitting, lowering the trailing elbow, minimal stride, two-handed follow through. Round 2) Laser Blast, elongating swing, mistake-pitch hitting, raising the trailing elbow, increasing the stride, two-handed follow through (trailing hand dominant player), and trailing hand release (leading hand dominant player).
  • Presenter: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, and creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Product Category: Exoprecise hitting trainer.
  • Setup: Laser Blast, and Laser Reflex.
  • Drills: Side toss.
  • Multi-Swing Method: Reflex, and Think mechanics.
Batting Practice, Combo Drills
Laser Blast, Laser Reflex, Multi-Swing Bat Speed Booster, Reflex Mechanics, Think Mechanics

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