Top Hand Release Drills


    This video demonstrates how to implement our advanced Laser Whip drills for hitting “low and outside” gaining extra plate coverage with two-strikes.


    Video Transcript

    1. Learning mechanics to hit “low and outside, ” specifically; “soft and away.”
    2. Train to extend with your hands while staying in your legs and staying through the ball
    3. After pitchers discover you can hit the inside fastball using a two-hand follow through
    4. They’ll test you with off-speed “low and outside”
    5. For example hitting the change up, and slider
    6. Avoid lunging, collapsing on your front leg, as you will lose your power
    7. Release your top hand after contact, as you feel pressure on your rear shoulder for extra plate coverage
    8. Aim to hit the ball “up the middle” or to the opposite field
    9. Relaxing your upper body, loading with your core
    10. My head is staying in the center of my body
    11. I’m not “lunging out” at the ball
    12. As soon as you lunge on “low and away” you lose power, generally; rolling over with a weak ground ball
    13. Stay back with the body and extend with your arms/hands
    14. Developing your “up the middle” hitting approach

    The Multi-Swing Technique defines primary swing types, recognizing each requires unique mechanics for success. Therefore, you need to work in both areas to be a complete power hitter. Mechanical adjustments include reducing, or increasing swing movement, adapting to the optimal swing path, angle and circumference, and the use of your top and bottom hand on your finish. Learn more about the Multi-Swing Method

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