Fastpitch Softball


Comparing, baseball to softball a shorter distance between the pitching mound and home plate reduces your reaction time. Therefore, activating the reflex system, using your core muscles is critical. Our hitting trainer coaches a compact and explosive swing, navigating the Kinetic Chain; bigger muscles moving first, smaller follow.

“The fastpitch softball player, mastering Laser Reflex, and Laser Beam drills. One of the best youth swings, featuring on our videos, ready for success, facing a dominant fastball pitcher. Top hand and rotational/core-turn mechanics, bettering many professional baseball players, the back foot turns before contact is made, turning from the core. Well done, keep up the excellent work!”

Clint Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, the diving force behind our hitting trainers.



Comparing to the ROM1 model, for example, our most popular product; the Hit Lasers Bat Speed Trainer, our ROM2 model bridges the top-half (Exoprecise) to the core/hips (ROM2 Axis Stabilizer), accommodating movement above the shoulders.

fastpitch softball hitting trainer

ROM1 Model

fastpitch softball hitting trainer

ROM2 Model

Extra Support For Fastpitch Softball

During fastpitch batting practice, proper sizing holds the Hit Lasers (One-Piece) Bat Speed Trainer (ROM1 model) in place; for most body shapes/sizes. However, fastpitch softball players matching the criteria below, preferring a greater margin for error when sizing; we recommend the Hit Lasers (Two-Piece) Bat Speed Trainer (ROM2 model) for extra hold/support.

  • Female athletes, bigger than a *B cup bra size.
  • Youth players with smaller arms.
  • Players, using an extremely high two-handed follow through; for example, Prince Fielder.
  • Players, wearing loose and thick sleeves for batting practice.

*Optional ROM2 model, sizing tip. Players, bigger than a C cup have the option to attach and secure, aligning to the belly button; instead of the spine. Adjust the placement of the ROM2 Axis Stabilizer, allowing the ROM2 Bridge to control the Exoprecise, around your chest.

fastpitch softball hitting trainer
fastpitch softball hitting trainer
fastpitch softball hitting trainer
fastpitch softball hitting trainer
softball fastpitch hitting
softball hitting