Hitting Training Aids

Baseball Hitting Aids

Baseball Hitting Trainer Laser Power Swing Trainer

21 reasons why our baseball hitting aids are the best in the world. Reason number five, our baseball hitting aids prepare you to hit all pitch locations for power.

Bat Speed

Improve Bat Speed

Quickly increase your bat speed, our baseball bat speed training aid is simple to use, get more more bat speed in only 20 swings; using our globally patented technology.


Laser Power Swing Trainer

Our batting training aids are a world first; using patented Exoprecise technology to increase strength in power swing muscles, guiding you to perfect baseball swing mechanics.


Laser Power Swing Trainer

Our baseball hitting training aids guide you to power swing mechanics, “staying connected,” AKA “hands inside the ball;” fixes a long swing. Patented Exoprecise resistance connects your upper body to your core, acting as a “power bridge.”

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Baseball Training Aids

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