Powered by patented Exoprecise Resistance Technology.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

Pricing, and product information for our baseball hitting aids.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

Learn how our baseball hitting trainer improves bat speed and power.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

Discover the patented technology behind our baseball power swing trainer.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

One of the only baseball hitting tools you can use for regular batting practice.

Baseball Laser Power Swing Trainer


Our baseball hitting aid coaches you to stay connected for a powerful swing, improving bat speed, strength, and hands inside ball swing mechanics....

Ready for power hitting. Setting up in your batting stance, Exoprecise resistance keeps your arms at the optimal distance from your body; improving ba...

Top Rated Baseball Swing Trainer

Featured Reviews, And Testimonials

Laser Power Swing Trainer Review

“Mashing! The kid was barreling everything, with backspin to the pull side; and not getting hook spin, he gets a lot of; at times…gave that look of, oh I felt that…it was impressive, our head coach just kept looking at me and raising his eyebrows. The swing trainer is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball”

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii.


“Dude…you are spot on. I’m not satisfied with 60%, I’m ready to get to work.”

Eric Thames, MLB player; Milwaukee Brewers.


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