Laser Power Swing Trainer

Baseball Swing Trainer For Youth, And Pros

Our groundbreaking baseball swing trainer improves bat speed, and strength; guiding you to perfect softball and baseball power swing mechanics.

During your swing load, and seperation your back elbow moves away from your body; pushing against the Laser Strap. Patented Exoprecise resistance, strengthens your power hitting muscles, improves mechanics; releasing triggers a boost in bat speed to start your swing.


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Bat Speed Swing Trainer Baseball

Learn how our baseball hitting trainer improves bat speed and power.

Batting Baseball Training Device

Discover the patented technology powering our baseball batting trainer.

Our power baseball batting aids gives a final boost of acceleration to finish your swing. Improving bat speed, follow through mechanics, and build fast twitch muscle fibers for power swing muscle memory.

One of the only baseball hitting tools you can use for regular batting practice.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Blast, is the name for any hitting drill with both arms inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer.
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Whip, is the name for any drill with your back arm inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer.

Top Rated Baseball Swing Trainer

Featured Reviews, And Testimonials

“Mashing! The kid was barreling everything, with backspin to the pull side; and not getting hook spin, he gets a lot of; at times…gave that look of, oh I felt that…it was impressive, our head coach just kept looking at me and raising his eyebrows. The swing trainer is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball”

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii.


“Dude…you are spot on. I’m not satisfied with 60%, I’m ready to get to work.”

Eric Thames, MLB player; Milwaukee Brewers.


“I have identified your baseball swing trainer as the best to coach proper swing mechanics…creating a baseball swing in the proper sequence…making it convenient for a player to practice mechanically sound swings…encouraging hitter’s to take more correct practice swings.”

Howard Nakagama, Hitting Instructor, and Chicago White Sox Scout; Utah, USA.


“I have been following the development of your product, as I personally feel it the best baseball swing trainer I have seen…casting is the number 1 issue I see with all youth players.

Jim, Youth Baseball Talk Podcast (120,000 downloads a month); Illinois, USA.


“The Laser Power Swing Trainer has helped players understand and get a better feel how to use their body. Using it with other drills I do have gone over very well…scouts told him he had the best swing there. I let him use it for tee work and soft toss beforehand.”

Dwight, Training Facility Owner; Ohio, USA.


“One of our players found his power increased immediately, here’s a quote…it helps me understand where my elbows start and finish…aiding the concept of the knob to the ball.”

Rob Weissman, Boston Renegades Coach, Beep Ball; Baseball for blind athletes.


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