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connected mechanics

Steers your elbows to



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hitting muscles

Strengthen precise



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skyrockets bat speed

A burst of acceleration



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batting practice

Throughout your



Laser Power Swing Trainer

Ignite your baseball and softball swing

Our trailblazing “all-in-one hitting solution,” produces Exoprecise Resistance to steer a powerful, and repeatable swing. You’ll enjoy the feel of “whipping” bat speed, connected mechanics, and strength in precise hitting muscles.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Swing Trainer


Professional baseball players, around the world, trust our power batting aid to improve performance.

Pro Players Around The World

Why do pros choose to use our #LaserPowerSwingTrainer? It exerts 360-degrees of ExopreciseResistance, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing to your body’s natural motion, as the movement of your elbows activates a pushing force; strengthening precise #Batting muscles, triggering #BatSpeed, and maneuvers your upper-body to train “connected” mechanics. Pros enjoy the feel, of a powerful and precise swing. 48hr Sale Ends Soon -

Posted by Hit Lasers on Friday, October 26, 2018

“I’m not satisfied with 60%… I’m ready to get to work.”

Eric Thames, Milwaukee Brewers.

Exclusive Seller

Our power hitting trainer is not available for sale on popular shopping websites, or in-store; distancing our cutting-edge “all-in-one-hitting-solution,” from hitting aids that over-promise, and under-deliver.


Science Of Power, Unlimited Hitting Options, Adjustable Sizing

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

Discover the patented technology behind our baseball power swing trainer.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

One of the only baseball hitting tools you can use for regular batting practice.

Laser Power Swing Trainer Baseball Softball

Easy to adjust the size, accommodating to extra-small and extra-large players.

The Power Hitting Equation

Strength + Speed + Mechanics = Power

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#ExopreciseResistance: Our #Batting trainer combines a precise amount of resistance (ExopreciseResistance), with a silky-smooth, lightweight, and intuitive design; accommodating an unrestricted #Baseball / #Softball swing throughout your #BattingPractice, generating “automatic muscle resistance,” resulting in the activation and strengthening of deep-layer #PowerHitting muscles. Additionally, releasing from resistance triggers acceleration, stimulating the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers. 48 hour sale ending soon

Posted by Hit Lasers on Thursday, October 25, 2018