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Fastball Hitting 101

The complete beginners guide for fastball hitting mechanics

Compact hitting mechanics work with automatic muscles, in this case, think nothing, AKA, “see & react;” stimulating your reflexes, preparing you to hit a dominant fastball. Presented by Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise behind the Laser Power ST, and founder of the trailblazing Multi-Swing Method.

Part 1

The Foundation

Simple batting stance tips for a proper swing foundation.

Part 2


Maintaining balance in the batter’s box, coaching an athletic stance.

Part 3


Reducing upper body tension to increase bat speed.

weight distribution hitting
load turn hands back drill

Part 4

Simple Hitting Tips

Proper weight distribution during the stance, load, and swing phases; reduces the likelihood of dipping the back shoulder, pulling off the baseball, and striking out.

load turn hands back drill
rotate drill
load turn hands back drill

Part 5

Rotation (full version)

The Basics of fastball hitting mechanics:

  • Coach critical elements to increase bat speed for facing a dominant fastball.
  • Improve rotational mechanics, focus less on swinging the bat with your arms; visualize turning the back leg from your core muscles.
  • Starting your swing load with a turn of your front knee.
  • Allowing your hips swing the bat, and your hips rotate your back foot.

Part 6

Activating the Reflex Muscles

Using, eye and subconscious mind communication; to activate the reflex muscles, and helping to stay back/stop lunging.

Part 7


Batting practice tips, for the best hitting approach to activate your reflex hitting muscles.

Multi-Swing Method

Multi-Swing Method
Hitting mechanics for the 3-dimensional contact zone (height-depth-breadth). Coaching, players to hit for a high batting average, and big-boy power; to all fields.

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Coaching Youth

Coaching Youth
Beginner level Multi-Swing Method, hitting tips, building the foundation for a bright future.

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Video Series: Core Power

Video Series: Core Power
Bat speed, strength, technique; equals power hitting. Overloading, and isolating power; without jeopardizing bat speed, and mechanics.

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