Hitting a baseball/softball is the hardest easiest thing to do in sports

See immediate results, trailblazing Exoprecise resistance improves strength, bat speed, and mechanics; guiding you to a powerful, and connected swing.

drive bat speed
Laser Power Swing Trainer
fix casting
  • Versatile to use with your favorite drills. Wear our hitting aid throughout batting practice, swinging, as usual, accommodating to all swing types/methods, and body shapes.
  • Seamlessly integrate our Laser Power ST with your baseball and softball program. If you require inspiration, hitlasers.com provide free access hitting program, coaching you to hit the challenging pitches.
  • Comfortable, and lightweight; our Laser Power ST is the first hitting aid suitable for intrasquad, battling the pitcher, live on the field.
  • Convenient and easy to use, adjustable to fit youth and pros. Additionally, wear around the waist, making the hottest “ballpark fashion accessory,” taking only 10 seconds to slide up the arms; “fit and hit!”
  • The ultimate “muscle memory” trainer, stimulating your “brain and muscle communication system.” Producing, the precise amount of resistance triggers acceleration/bat-speed without, compromising the natural flow of your swing. Additionally, our hitting aid improves performance, swinging a regular-size bat; critical for game-day depth perception. Conversely, ordinary swing trainers, disrupt the hand and eye coordination, using a shorter bat/device.
  • Exoprecise resistance to the back-elbow, steers “hands inside the ball” mechanics, throughout batting practice. Coaching the hardest part, “staying connected” allows you to focus on the basic fundamentals.
  • Remove the front arm from our hitting aid for supersonic bat speed, coaching the proper mechanics for a “Power-V,” staying through the ball; powering-up to all fields.
  • Remove the back arm from our Laser Power ST to isolate front-side mechanics, and fix mistakes; such as casting.
staying connected power hitting trainer
  • Decrease the size, increasing the resistance of your Laser Power ST, placing both arms inside, fixing a long swing. Making contact closer to the body fixes, “reaching,” and “lunging,” growing the confidence to track the ball longer, waiting, and blasting! Developing the mechanics to “see-and-react,” critical for a successful “2-strike approach,” facing a dominant fastball pitcher, commanding the strike zone; keeping you off-balance/guessing, with an arsenal of secondary pitches, changing the speed.
  • Reducing the influence of your upper-body is the best way to improve mechanics, adapting, to generate power from the core, sequencing the proper Kinetic Chain; big muscles move first, and the small muscles follow. Opposingly, ordinary hitting trainers, giving resistance around the hips, decrease your core-turn-speed; critical for spinning on the back toe. Additionally, applying pressure to the core disconnects your arms from the body, encouraging a long/slow swing.
  • Exoprecise resistance makes it easy to practice, challenging one-hand swing drills. Train the top-hand, preparing for an “up-and-inside-fastball.” Train the bottom-hand for “low-and-away,” coaching a well-rounded swing, plugging the holes for opposing teams to target.
  • Train heavy bat/overload drills, without jeopardizing bat speed, staying connected despite the extra weight pulling your arms away from the body.
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Customers include MLB players and elite NCAA programs, however, we want to hear your Laser Power Swing Trainer story! Send images, and videos via Facebook Messenger, e: my@hitlasers.com, or upload to any social media site using; #MyLaserPowerSwing – you don’t need a perfect swing, we enjoy sharing stories of regular baseball, and softball players having a go!

Mashing! Barreling everything, with backspin pull-side; not getting his usual hook-spin…gave that look of, oh I felt that…it was impressive, our head coach kept looking at me and, raising his eyebrows. The swing trainer is sweet, every guy on the team is ramming the ball.

Rusty McNamara, Hitting Coach; University of Hawaii.

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Exopower defines the phases of our Sport Precise training method during the baseball and softball swing.



Throughout the baseball and softball season, players from all levels; take batting practice with our Laser Power ST for peak game-day performance. Tee-drill, front toss, on-field/cage BP, intrasquad, dry swings at home; use with any of your favorite drills. Looking for guidance about hitting in general? Visit our free access hitting program, 20 Minute Lasers.

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