Youth Drills

Hit Lasers Challenge

Youth hitting drills, and effective tips

Take our Hit Lasers Challenge, it’s a winner; working every-single-time, training a well-rounded hitter. Share your batting practice with the world, using #HitLasersChallenge.

Critical game-day skill-sets

You’ll enjoy, feeling invincible at the plate!
  • Exploding, core power; staying connected at contact (deep-contact). Example: Hard-up-inside-fastball, no time to think; “on-you” fast.
  • Adjusting to late movement, combining bat speed and extension. Example: Hard-late-breaking-slider, crossing the outside edge of the home plate.
  • Hitting a mistake pitch, in-front of the home plate; full swing-extension. Example: Hanging-slider, ahead in the batting count 3-1.

“I can coach a 5-Tool player, to hit in my sleep, however, I prefer the challenge, transforming beginners into masters. I’m so confident in our Hit Lasers Bat Speed Trainer and Multi-Swing Method; randomly selecting two players, filming in real-time. The result? Two better hitters, improving bat speed, power, and connected hitting mechanics. I challenge any product/method to do the same. The live session demonstrates how to overcome the challenges of coaching youth players. Contact depth determines the proper mechanics for a particular pitch, including deep-contact and extension-contact. Focusing on depth, makes hitting simple; for coaches and players, practicing the challenging pitch-locations; everything in-between is easy.”

Clinton Balgera. Inventor of the Hit Lasers Bat Speed Trainer, creator of the Multi Swing Method.

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