Think Mechanics

Multi-Swing Method

Think/Conscious Mechanics

Raising your back elbow anticipating a high, and slow-moving pitch, using a longer stride, elongated swing path, one/two-handed follow through, depending on top/bottom hand dominance; using a “sitting on your pitch” thought process.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer
follow through mechanics

Soft And Mid-Up

  • Height: Mid-thigh to belt-high.
  • Breadth: Middle to inside.
  • Depth: In-front.
  • Example: Hanging slider, and below average fastball.
  • Available Time To React: Maximum.
  • Contact: Further away from the body, lower, and extending in front of the home plate.
  • 2-Strikes: Reflex Mechanics.
  • Less Than 2-Strikes: Think Mechanics.
Laser Power Swing Trainer

Get Your Pitch

Step 3, prepares you to hit a dominant fastball, Step 4, coaches our Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; improving your swing extension, smacking power-alley doubles and laser home-runs!

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think mechancis
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Muscle memory for bat speed, keeping your hands-inside-the-ball; during batting practice.
Baseball Hitting

Reflex Mechanics

Reflex Mechanics
Tapping into the automatic/sub-conscious mind for “lightning bat speed, activating your reflexes, improving bat speed, batter's eye, and power.

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Hybrid Mechanics

Hybrid Mechanics
Anticipating, a challenging pitch, preparing the top-hand release swing, switching to an automatic/subconscious state of mind, stepping in the box.

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Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

Wearing the #LaserBST (#BatSpeedTrainer), how it works, benefits, design, #SpringTraining BP tips, Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; elongating swing path, extending, ahead in the batting count.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, February 8, 2020