Reflex Mechanics


Reflex mechanics for “Lightning bat speed.”

Preparing for a dominant fastball, for example, “up-and-inside” +90 mph fastball, arriving close to the body, reducing your time to react. In this case, hitting the ball out-in-front of the home plate, is not an option.

Elite Isolation Drill

Elite, up and inside drill; combining... Laser Reflex: Laser Pro: Laser Beam:

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Important Information

The following information is critical for a B/T R/R & L/L player, using a top-hand release on the follow through. The natural dominant hand is the top-hand, however, the top-hand release swing, suiting the bottom-hand dominant. The best outcome, strengthening both hands, depending on the pitcher’s strengths, sitting on a particular pitch/location, recognizing, early in the batting count; whether to use a top-hand release, or two-handed follow through. Alternatively, deciding to train only one hitting method, switch to a two-hand finish, all the time; your natural strength.


Power Hitting Drills

Combining our hitting trainer, Multi-Swing Method and heavy bat training; super-boosting bat speed, and power.

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The Reflex System

Have you pulled your hand away from a hot stove? Noticing, the reaction speed? Tapping into your automatic/sub-conscious mind for "lightning bat speed;" and you can do the same for hitting. Useful situations to activate your reflexes, improving bat speed:

  • Two-strike hitting.
  • Dominant velocity.
  • Hard, late-breaking, movement.
  • The disruption of vision, for example, dull lighting for a night game, or a distracting batter's eye; background screen.
  • Concerned about your player's safety? You can buy the latest "protective gear," however, failing to address the critical issue; over-thinking, disrupting the reflex system. Open your eyes, and clear your mind, activating your reflexes, avoiding contact in the face/head, especially, facing the dominant fastball pitcher, lacking control.
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Lowering your elbow if you anticipate a dominant fastball, using a shorter stride, short-and-flat swing path, and a two-hand follow through; using a “close your mind and open your eyes” thought process. Set your elbow, and stride movement, at a height allowing to you get to the ball on time, varying on the pitcher’s velocity.

Hard And Mid-Up

  • Height: Thigh to the belly button.
  • Breadth: Inside.
  • Depth: Mid to deep.
  • Example: Above average fastball.
  • Available Time To React: Minimum.
  • Contact: Closer to the body.
  • 2-Strikes: Reflex Mechanics.
  • Less Than 2-Strikes: Hybrid: Reflex and Think Mechanics.

Reflex Batting Practice

Hitting the inside fastball, during batting practice; staying back, allowing the ball to travel deeper, keeping your hands inside the baseball. The eyes transfer a message to your subconscious mind, growing the skills, and confidence to repeat the process on game day.



Top-level pros, collegiate, high school, amateur, and youth baseball/softball players, buying our hitting products, improving performance.

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  • Laser Pro and Laser Reflex drills fix arming the swing, training your mind, and body; to hit the up-and-inside pitch on game day.
  • Close your mind and open your eyes, allowing your reflexes take over, practicing the "high, and inside" pitch. When you're "in the, hitting zone" AKA "locked-in" the eyes control your timing, spotting the ball early, releasing from the pitcher's glove. The subconscious mind controls your reflex system, processing information 1000's of times faster, comparing to the conscious mind. Consciously, thinking about swing mechanisms disrupts the lightning-fast, reflex system.
  • Less time = less movement: spread out, decreasing the movement of your arms/legs, isolating force-driven power.
  • Avoid “muscling up,” relaxing the grip, hands, elbows, and shoulders, removing tension.
  • Tracking the ball longer, reducing movement of the head/eyes, preparing for contact; closer to the body.
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Beat The Best

Coaching, mechanics critical to hit the “flame throwers;” backing it up with an electric slider, and a nasty change-up.

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Load to Contact

  • Starting your load with a minimal, deliberate, turn/lift of the front knee, rotating the hips, meanwhile, keeping the shoulders square.
  • Relaxing your upper body, explode using the core, turning the back leg from your hips frees your upper-body for powerful contact; the back foot is an excellent indicator for proper mechanics, spinning fast on the big-toe, prior to contact; the result of turning from your core.
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The Finish

  • It’s challenging to hit a dominant fastball, deliberately, lifting on the follow through. The back shoulder overextends, raising, knocking your head off the ball, triggering a “swing and miss,” “pulling out,” falling off balance. Additionally, the task is more challenging finishing with a top-hand release.
  • Hitting a high, hard/flat dominant fastball, logic states, a short/flat swing path, using the top-hand to control your barrel. The height of the pitch provides the lift for you.
  • Whip the bat around your body, allowing your top hand to take control. Hold off on rolling the barrel at, or before contact; roll, feeling pressure on the shoulder muscles. Don’t fight it, visualize, whipping the bat around your body; like nun-chucks, keeping both hands on the bat, unlocking your force-driven/reflex power-swing, hitting the ball - 500 ft, straight down the line. You don’t have to put too much on it, hitting the ball; in the right spot.
  • Coaches can challenge players, tossing the ball; 3-to-6 inches, inside of the home plate. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can hit, something to see for yourself, to believe.
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Exoprecise Hitting Trainers

Though rare, in the past players are successful, hitting dominant/well-located fastballs, therefore, it’s not an impossible feat. A challenging task, in the past, preparing for the best pitchers; due to the lack of resources. Exoprecise products guide you to a powerful swing, allowing players to isolate reflex mechanics; critical for hitting the “unhittable” pitches.

Laser Power Swing Trainer

Multi-Swing Method

Multi-Swing Method
Hitting mechanics for the 3-dimensional contact zone (height-depth-breadth). Coaching, players to hit for a high batting average, and big-boy power; to all fields.

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Power Hitting Drills

Power Hitting Drills
Combining our hitting trainer, Multi-Swing Method and heavy bat training; super-boosting bat speed, and power.

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Reflex Mechanics 101

Reflex Mechanics 101
Simple drills for beginners, and professionals; covering the basics of reflex mechanics, to hit a dominant fastball. First-Timers, visit our Hitting Crash Course, before starting the program.

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The explosion of bat speed, skyrocketing your barrel to the ball, and beyond. Practice an explosive/compact swing, you’ll hit lasers!

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