Easy to adjust, fitting all sizes; proper sizing is critical to the performance.


ADJUSTING THE SIZE/EXOPRECISE FORCES, AND SECURING: Generally, size the Exoprecise (white material) to fit around the waist; akin to a gun holster. Thread the extra Exoprecise under the first gap, continue threading under the second gap, if there’s left-over, thread in the third gap. *Players over 240 pounds may not be required to reduce/adjust the size.

laser power st quickstart

WEARING THE EXOPRECISE: Stretch around the waist, check for twisting. For the best performance, secure the Axis Stabilizer (black attachment clip), aligning to your spine. Slide, and align the ROM1 Stabilizers (armbands) to the outside of your hip bones.

How To Wear Laser Power ST
Power Hitting Trainer

ROM1 STABILIZERS (ARMBANDS): Generally, measuring the similar size around your wrist provides the proper anchor/grip, sliding up the arm; place above the elbow/bottom of the bicep, checking for a tight fit.

slide your arms inside

SYSTEM CHECK: Raise both elbows, checking for the proper Exoprecise forces. Sizing small hinders your batting practice; increase the size, if you feel pulling/constricting, and bunching of the material. Sizing big fails to produce the proper Exoprecise forces to improve bat speed, strength, and mechanics; reduce the size, if the product is loose and flaps on your back.

REMOVING: Holding both, the Exoprecise and ROM1 Stabilizer, carefully stretch and slide down the arm/s; avoid pulling/twisting. To prevent recoil, remove both the arms prior to unclipping your product.