Step 4

Program: 20 Minute Lasers.
Practice Plan: Get Your Pitch.
Level: Beginner, and advanced.
Total Drills: 2.
Time: 20 minutes.
Purpose: Step 3, prepares you to hit a dominant fastball, Step 4, coaches our Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; improving your swing extension, smacking power-alley doubles and laser home-runs!

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Drill 1

  • Drill Type: Laser Blast.
  • Beginner Bat: Normal, full length.
  • Advanced Bat: Heavy, full length.
  • Rounds: 3.
  • Swings: 10-20.
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Laser Blast: The complete hitting solution, placing both arms inside your Laser Power ST.


Laser Pro: Heavy bat training.

stay through the baseball
laser whip hitting drills

Drill 2

  • Drill Type: Laser Whip.
  • Beginner Bat: Normal, full length.
  • Rounds: 3.
  • Swings: 10-20.
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  • Options: Side toss, front toss, over-hand front toss, tee drill, on-field BP, and intrasquad hitting.
  • Multi-Swing Method: Think Mechanics.
  • Mental: Thinking/anticipating a pitch you can handle. Thinking, about the triggers of your elongating mechanics, for example, timing; “lift the front leg, now,” and, pitch selection; “see something slower-and-hanging, getting the barrel in-front of home plate.”


  • Speed: Average to below average.
  • Movement: Straight, or hanging.
  • Example 1: Average to a below average fastball four-seam fastball.
  • Example 2: Hanging slider/mistake pitch.


Height: Mid-thigh to belt-high.
Breadth: Middle to inside.
Depth: In-front.
Approach: Over the center-field fence, and outfield gaps.

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  • Stance Width: Mid to short.
  • Weight Distribution: Inside and front balls of feet, knees pinching inward.
  • Elbow Height: Mid to high.
  • Load: Mid to high, lifting and turning the front knee.
  • Stride: Mid to long, landing softly.
  • Swing Angle: Rising up to the ball.
  • Swing Circumference: Elongated.
  • Follow Through: Hitting a mistake pitch is a simple method to practice, in this case, the finish depends on your top and bottom hand dominance. H/T R/R are top-hand dominant, consequently, staying through the ball with a two-hand finish is a natural strength, conversely, H/T L/R are bottom-hand dominant; staying through the ball, using a one-hand finish.

Laser Power ST

I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.