Get Your Pitch

Step 4: Get Your Pitch

Multi-Swing Method Hitting Program

Program: 20 Minute Lasers.
Practice Plan: Get Your Pitch.
Level: Beginner, and advanced.
Total Drills: 2.
Time: 20 minutes.
Purpose: Step 3, prepares you to hit a dominant fastball, Step 4, coaches our Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; improving your swing extension, smacking power-alley doubles and laser home-runs!

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Drill 1

  • Drill Type: Laser Blast.
  • Beginner Bat: Normal, full length.
  • Advanced Bat: Heavy, full length.
  • Rounds: 3.
  • Swings: 10-20.
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Laser Blast: The complete hitting solution, placing both arms inside your Hit Lasers Bat Speed Trainer.


Laser Pro: Heavy bat training.

stay through the baseball
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Drill 2

  • Drill Type: Laser Whip.
  • Beginner Bat: Normal, full length.
  • Rounds: 3.
  • Swings: 10-20.
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  • Options: Side toss, front toss, over-hand front toss, tee drill, on-field BP, and intrasquad hitting.
  • Multi-Swing Method: Think Mechanics.
  • Mental: Thinking/anticipating a pitch you can handle. Thinking, about the triggers of your elongating mechanics, for example, timing; “lift the front leg, now,” and, pitch selection; “see something slower-and-hanging, getting the barrel in-front of home plate.”


  • Speed: Average to below average.
  • Movement: Straight, or hanging.
  • Example 1: Average to a below average fastball four-seam fastball.
  • Example 2: Hanging slider/mistake pitch.


Height: Mid-thigh to belt-high.
Breadth: Middle to inside.
Depth: In-front.
Approach: Over the center-field fence, and outfield gaps.

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  • Stance Width: Mid to short.
  • Weight Distribution: Inside and front balls of feet, knees pinching inward.
  • Elbow Height: Mid to high.
  • Load: Mid to high, lifting and turning the front knee.
  • Stride: Mid to long, landing softly.
  • Swing Angle: Rising up to the ball.
  • Swing Circumference: Elongated.
  • Follow Through: Hitting a mistake pitch is a simple method to practice, in this case, the finish depends on your top and bottom hand dominance. H/T R/R are top-hand dominant, consequently, staying through the ball with a two-hand finish is a natural strength, conversely, H/T L/R are bottom-hand dominant; staying through the ball, using a one-hand finish.