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Laser Whip: Isolating Bat Speed

Laser Power ST And Laser Whip Drills

With the front arm free from Exoprecise resistance (visit Laser Blast for drills with both arms inside), releasing from tension on your swing load; triggers a “super-boost” in bat speed to start your swing.

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stay connected hands inside the ball
stay connected hands inside the ball
laser whip hitting drill
isolating bat speed
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Hit your way

Seamlessly, integrate Laser Whip drills; with your hitting routine.

  • Set-up: Back arm inside your Laser Power ST.
  • Batting Practice: Works for all hitting drills.
  • Swing Type: Accommodates an unrestricted swing for all hitting styles/methods.
  • Multi-Swing Method (Optional): Finish the swing with one hand (top-hand release); improving bottom hand mechanics and strength, swing extension, and plate coverage for hitting low and outside pitches. Visit, Multi-Swing Method.
isolating bat speed
Baseball Batting Trainer Laser Power Swing Trainer
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power load

Laser Whip

What it does

  • Strength And Power: Raising the back elbow in your batting stance increases strength in the top/trail hand side of your body.
  • Isolate Bat Speed: Completing your swing load, releasing from Exoprecise resistance is the catalyst for bat speed, whipping and driving your backside through the ball, meanwhile, the frontside is free from resistance.
  • Isolate Backside Mechanics: Exoprecise resistance steers the back elbow, coaching “connected” hitting mechanics; improving contact accuracy, and fixing a long swing.
  • Instant Feedback: Hitting with flawless backside mechanics, makes it easy, to identify frontside swing issues; such as casting. In this case, insert the front arm to fix casting (visit, Laser Blast drills).
  • Powerful Extension: Bat speed transfers to “Momentum” for staying through the ball, improving follow-through mechanics; hitting mistake pitches with home run power, for example, a “hanging” slider.

Visit, why it works.

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isolating bat speed
baseball power follow through
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Clinton Balgera Inventor of Exoprecise Technology, powering the Laser Power Swing Trainer Founder, Multi-Swing Method
Baseball Swing Training Aids
Baseball Swing Training Aids
Baseball Swing Training Aids

Laser Whip #MyLaserPowerSwing

Our Laser Power ST is the secret weapon of schools, colleges, and pros; around the world. Visit, #MyLaserPowerswing.

Laser Power ST

I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.