Power Batting Practice

Combine our Laser Power Swing Trainer with your favorite hitting drills to improve bat speed, strength, and mechanics.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer
You'll enjoy the extra power

Throughout your swing, resistance and acceleration interact in perfect sequence, applying forces to the left and right side of your body; as our groundbreaking product morphs, expands, contracts, accommodating a full range of motion, navigating you to a powerful swing. The automatic process strengthens precise #Hitting muscles, improves #BatSpeed, and mechanics; you'll enjoy the extra power, along with the satisfaction of #Batting more doubles, triples, and homers on gameday. #LaserPowerSwingTrainer https://hitlasers.com #Baseball #Softball https://www.instagram.com/baseball_power_swing_trainer/ ⚾💪😎🎯💥

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Laser Blast

Laser Blast, is the name for any hitting drill with both arms inside your Laser Power Swing Trainer.

  • Set-up: Both arms inserted.
  • Purpose: Improve bat speed, hitting mechanics, strengthening precise power muscles.
  • Drills: Works for all hitting drills.
  • Batting Style: Works for all swings and methods.
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Laser Power Swing Trainer

Laser Whip

Laser Whip, is the name for any drill with your back arm inside our baseball/softball power hitting tool.

  • Set-up: Back arm inserted.
  • Purpose: Isolate back-side (shoulder, elbow)  mechanics, supercharge bat speed, increasing power for swing extension.
  • Drills: Works for all hitting drills.
  • Batting Style: Works for all swings and methods.
Laser Power Swing Trainer
Exoprecise Acceleration

#ExopreciseAcceleration Releasing from #ExopreciseResistance triggers Exoprecise Acceleration, interacting in perfect harmony, surrounding your torso with push and pull forces, expanding, contracting, and morphing to your motion; stimulating the growth of fast twitch muscle fiber, igniting the performance of your brain and muscle communication systems. Send us your Laser videos - attach file to messager or email support@hitlasers.com https://hitlasers.com/how-it-works/#hittingtrainermethods https://exoprecise.com/method/

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Laser Power Swing Trainer

Laser Shot

Laser shot, is the name for any drill with your front arm inside our Laser Power ST.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
  • Set-up: Front arm inserted.
  • Purpose: Isolating frontside mechanics, fix casting, improve bat speed,  and power.
  • Drills: Works for all hitting drills.
  • Batting Style: Works for all swing types, and methods.

Laser Beam, And Linea

One hand drills

Set-up: Both arms or one arm inserted.
Purpose: Isolation exercises to improve mechanics, bat speed, strength, and power.
Drills: Works for all one hand drills.

Top Hand Side Toss Laser Beam Drill


One of the best features of our baseball swing trainer is for the busy slugger, with limited time for batting practice – allocate 30 minutes of home training and elevate your power game. All you have to do is swing, no baseball or softball is needed, requiring minimal space to train. Strengthening and stabilizing deep layer core muscles to raise your batting power, sharpening barrel control, and rotational hitting mechanics; developing the acceleration, and deceleration muscles in your shoulders to boost bat speed. The result? A pro power baseball or softball swing!
See more of our baseball hitting workout


  • Set-up: Both arms inserted.
  • Resistance Setting: Reducing the size increases resistance, to isolate compact, and powerful rotational hitting mechanics.
  • Purpose: Fix a long swing, casting, lunging, reaching, improve 2-strike hitting, and rotational mechanics.

Overload Training

Video Overview

Laser Blast, front toss, heavy training bat 34 inches – 40 ounces. Don’t waste time with various overload and underload drills. You’ll develop a long swing as the extra weight pulls your arms away from your body. Using a heavy bat with our baseball hitting tool increases strength, power, bat speed, and the critical element of “staying connected.”

Laser Intrasquad

  • The only swing trainer you can use to prepare for “the real deal” hard-throwing pitchers.
  • Staying connected, during intrasquad, creating muscle memory to hit the up and inside fastball.
  • The ultimate confidence boost for players.
  • Forget about coaches batting practice, welcome to the future of hitting.


Our Multi-Swing Method provides optional training tips, created by the inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer, Clinton Balgera.

  • 20 Swings – Top Hand Compact Swing Mechanics
  • 20 Swings – Bottom Hand Extension Mechanics
  • 20 Swings – Laser Blast Compact Swing Mechanics
  • 20 Swings – Laser Blast “Hanging” Slider Swing Mechanics
  • 20 Swings – Laser Whip Extension Mechanics. Low, Outside; Low, In Front

“It’s up to you if you want to follow the Multi-Swing Method, our Laser Power Swing Trainer morphs to your swing, therefore you can hit your way.”  See the full version of our free access, baseball hitting program, or learn more about the Multi-Swing Method.