Laser Linea

Laser Linea (Spanish For Liner)


Laser Linea, bottom hand isolation drills; wearing our Laser Power ST. Strengthening the swing extension muscles, improving bat speed, power, front-side/low-ball mechanics, preventing “rolling-over,” and “flying open.” Groundbreaking, Exoprecise resistance supports the muscles, and joints of the shoulders, and elbows; improving the performance of bottom hand isolation drills, swinging a full-size baseball/softball bat.

bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics
Laser Linea, bottom hand isolation drills
bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics
laser linea lead hand drills

Strengthen The Swing Extension Muscles

Improve Front-Side/Low-Ball Hitting Mechanics

  • Laser Linea drills refine the swing path, increasing bat speed and power. Improving the flight of the baseball, and softball; for better distance and spin.
  • Feel the connection between the bottom hand and your core, coaching the proper turn to increase your reach; hitting the low ball.
  • Build strength for a powerful baseball and softball swing, increasing the workload of the bottom/lead-hand. Proper turning mechanics help to “staying closed” and “stay through the ball,” freeing the upper-body; providing the extra reach, critical to hit low and outside pitches.
  • To balance the power of your swing, train isolation drills to improve strength, and mechanics for both hands. Avoiding, one hand dominant mechanics. For example, H/T R/R players focusing on top/trail hand mechanics, AKA, the “launch angle” swing, Laser Linea is a challenging drill; matching the style of bottom-hand dominant players, with excellent low ball mechanics.
  • Rolling over, and pulling off the ball, exposes a swing weakness. To fix “muscling up,” bottom hand drills encourage a looser grip; keeping the head down, with an opposite field/up-middle mental approach.
Laser Linea, bottom hand isolation drills
bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics

Hitting Tips

  • Locating the ball low/away/in-front of home plate is critical, allowing players to hit the ball further away from the body; accommodating, the proper swing extension to improve bottom hand strength, and mechanics.
  • Relax the grip, reducing muscle tension to prevent “muscling up,” and “arming” your swing.
  • Develop the proper mental approach, aiming to hit the ball back up the middle, and to the opposite field.
  • Avoid over-swinging with the arms, instead, focus on your core turning the back leg, from your hips.

Example Practice Plan

  • BAT TYPE: Regular
  • DRILL: Side toss
  • ROUNDS: 3
  • PITCH LOCATION: Beginner – knee high, middle, and in front of the home plate. Advanced – knee high, outside, and in front.
Laser Linea, bottom hand isolation drills
bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics
bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics - Copy
bat speed frontside low-ball mechanics
Laser Linea



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