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Laser Blast: The Complete Hitting Solution

Laser Power ST And Laser Blast Drills

See immediate results as our globally patented power hitting trainer uses Exoprecise resistance to improve strength, frontside and backside mechanics; releasing triggers bat speed.

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connecting the arms to your strong core
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Hit your way

Incorporate Laser Blast drills into your current hitting routine, or follow our free access beginner and advanced training guides. Whether you use a high leg kick, high elbow, compact swing, youth player, or professional; you’ll gain fast results.

  • Set-up: Both arms inside your Laser Power ST.
  • Optional Setting: Increase the resistance of your Laser Power ST to coach fastball/rotational mechanics, fix lunging/jumping out, pulling off/flying open.
  • Batting Practice: Works for all hitting drills.
  • Swing Type: Accommodates an unrestricted swing for all hitting styles/methods.
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hands inside the ball
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Laser Power Swing Trainer
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What it does


  • Increase Bat Speed: Completing the swing load, our Laser Power ST exerts Exoprecise resistance to the front, and back arm; releasing triggers a boost of bat speed to start your swing, stimulating the growth of fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Strength and Power: During Laser Blast drills Exoprecise resistance to the front and back elbow, strengthens the precise power hitting muscles.
  • Batting Stance: Exoprecise resistance maneuvers the elbows to the perfect distance from your body.
  • Backside Mechanics: Feel the core muscle and arm connection of a pro-level swing. Exoprecise resistance, keeps your hands inside the ball, coaching “connected,” back/front arm mechanics.
  • Frontside Mechanics: Prevents the front arm from moving too far away from your body, during your swing load, and separate phases. Visit, fix casting.
  • Practice Efficiency: Increase the quality of swing repetitions, especially, towards the end of your batting practice round; supporting proper swing habits, finishing strong.
  • Muscle Memory: Pilots you to the proper technique, essential to an effortless power swing, transferring critical “hitting data” to your subconscious mind; coaching the skills to sequence a powerful and repeatable swing on gameday.


Visit, why it works.

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Laser Blast #MyLaserPowerSwing

Our Laser Power ST is the secret weapon of schools, colleges, and pros; around the world. Visit, #MyLaserPowerswing.

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Laser Power ST

I’ve also told all our guys they will be getting their own, and they are so pumped. “Really? Oh, that’s awesome coach!”

Rusty Mac, Hitting Coach; University Of Hawaii.