How It Works

Laser Power ST

Driven By Exoprecise ® ℗

EXOskeleton for PRECISE, and powerful movement.

Exoprecise Formula

Balancing potential energy, applying precise forces, and maximum extension

360 degrees of precise push/pull forces (resistance and acceleration), harmoniously interact with the elbows; without disrupting your natural biomechanics. Activating, and stimulating the automatic muscle system to advance game-day performance.

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Exoprecise ® ℗ Nanofibers

Three-Dimensional, elastin nanofibers; woven, microstructural layering.

Our Exoprecise ® ℗ Nanofiber design produces the stretch of elastin, smoothness of the skin, the flexibility of fasciae, speed of the fast twitch fibers, the strength of muscles/collagen, push and pull forces of the ligaments/tendons, the stability of bones/joints, and balance of the spine.

Laser Power ST Exoprecise Innovation


Impervious to repetitive motion

Eliminating skin irritation, reducing friction on the arms, chest, and back; the wide surface area, dispersing the heat.


Ultra-thin, lightweight, unobtrusive, wearing for long periods.

resistance navigates your elbows


Unrestricted, Intuitive and Responsive

Flexible, stretching, morphing; simultaneously, expanding and contracting, reacting to your body.


Ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and stretch-limit; resilient to breaking under tension, accommodating to the stresses, and strain of power-hitting biomechanics. Passing, rigorous testing under extreme conditions.


Durable, returning to the original shape, without permanent alteration.

360 degrees

Sphere of Exoprecise resistance

The circumference of Exoprecise ® ℗ nanofibers surrounds the upper-body, balancing the forces of acceleration/resistance (yin-yang), improving the performance of your baseball/softball swing. Anchoring at the elbows, attaching securely to the body; when not in use, slide out your arms, wearing around the waist – easy access.

hitting resistance trainer
follow through mechanics
bat speed


Connected Mechanics And Bat Speed

The distance of the elbows from your torso is critical to high-performance. Swinging the elbows away from your body reduces bat speed, lower-half stability, disrupting the head/eyes. A subtle pushing force controls the movement of your elbows away, and to the side of your body – critical to proper form, balance, hitting mechanics, agility and coordination. Activating the precise muscles and joints for a compact, and powerful swing path.

staying connected power hitting trainer

Reacting to the elbow’s natural biomechanics, in all directions, simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing; navigating the optimal distance from your center of gravity. As the distance increases, the applying forces increase, reaching the apex, exerting the maximum pushing force. Resistance and acceleration collide, contraction accelerates the return, applying forces, steering the elbows to improve hitting mechanics. Repeating the process, left elbow moves, right, and so on.

Laser Power ST Exoprecise Resistance
Perpetual Motion

Movement/Acceleration of the elbows, distributes equal and opposite forces, for example, starting the swing your back-elbow accelerates, “staying through the ball,” the front-elbow collides with Exoprecise resistance, accelerating the back-elbow on the follow throughperpetual motion.

  • Raising the elbow/s to side: produces an outward pushing force, sequencing the proper kinetic chain; strengthening the thoracic core, obliques, trapezius, and side deltoid.
  • Lowering: accelerates the return, increasing bat speed, guiding the arms/elbows to perfect distance/center of gravity; stimulating the brain and muscle communication systems (muscle memory). Stimulating, growth of fast twitch muscle fibers.
  • Back: applying a subtle force against your chest, pushing the shoulders back, aligning your posture, increasing airflow to the lungs, reducing tiredness; strengthening the rear deltoid, and core.
  • Forward: forces strengthen the front deltoid, and core.


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best product increase bat speed

Sport Precise

Transcending the way you train

Overwhelming forces activate your conscious movement/muscles, burning out quickly; unable to practice, as normal. Exoprecise products apply the precise level of forces, without, disrupting the subconscious mind (automatic state); throughout, high-repetition batting practice. Critical to activating, stimulating, and strengthening the automatic hitting muscles (deep-layer-core/acceleration/deceleration muscles).

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Range of Motion

The Laser Power ST is an Exoprecise *ROM1 model.

  • Providing a range of motion for power hitting.
  • Raising both elbows to shoulder height.
  • Alternating, each arm straight and to the side.


*The Exoprecise ROM2 model accommodates, raising both arms above the shoulders; learn more about the ROM2 model below, or view our ROM2 products.

Laser Power Swing Trainer
Situational Hitting Front Toss

Resistance Slider

Delivering a simple solution, adjusting the size/resistance for extra-small, and extra-large players.

  • Increasing the size reduces the resistance, conversely decreasing the size increases the resistance.
  • Thread the left-over Exoprecise material through the Resistance Slider, securing and balancing the Laser Power ST.
Laser Power ST Instructions
Laser Power ST Instructions
Laser Power ST Batting Aid

Sizing Tip

Proper Exoprecise Resistance

Wearing for the first time, raise both elbows to the side, checking for proper Exoprecise resistance.

Increase the size:

  • Overwhelming resistance.
  • Force pulls the ROM1 Stabilizers up the arm.
  • Bunching of the Exoprecise material, near the Balance Sliders.

Reduce the size:

  • Underwhelming resistance.
  • ROM1 Axis Stabilizer is loose, flapping on the middle of your back.
wearing laser power st


Unobtrusive, comfortable material, accommodating the full flexion and extension of the arms, anchoring the Exoprecise; throughout your baseball, and softball swing.

  • Adjust the size for a snug fit.
  • Stretch, and slide the arms inside, inserting one arm for isolation exercises.
  • For best performance position on the skin, alternatively, wear around your sleeves.
  • Place directly above the elbows for maximum resistance, optional to place at the mid-bicep, reducing the force.
Anchoring at the elbows

Balance Sliders

Gliding the ROM1 Axis Stabilizers along the silky-smooth Exoprecise nanofibres, linking 360 degrees of unbroken force. Balancing the Laser Power ST, after resizing; slide and align the ROM1 Axis Stabilizers to your hips.

Wearing, on the arms; slide and align, adjusting anterior, and posterior forces:

  • Slide to the inside of the bicep, increasing frontal forces.
  • Slide to the middle/outside of the bicep (recommended setting), balancing the forces.
Wearing Laser Power ST Hitting Aid
Power Hitting Trainer


Clip-in around the torso and arms, securing the Exoprecise, aligning to your spine for balance, maximizing the performance of your Laser Power ST.


Complete range of motion for sports

The ROM2 model accommodates, raising both arms above your shoulders, for example, a slam-dunk. During batting practice, proper sizing and fitting of the ROM1 stabilizers, hold the Laser Power ST in place; for all body shapes/sizes. However, players matching the criteria below, preferring a greater margin for error when sizing; we recommend the ROM2 model for extra hold/support.  See our Cricket Precise-2020, batting, throwing/pitching, and fielding.


  • Youth players with smaller arms.
  • Female athletes, bigger than a B cup bra size.
  • Players, using an extremely high two-handed follow through; for example, Prince Fielder.
  • Players, wearing loose and thick sleeves for batting practice.
cricket precise power trainer batting bowling fielding

ROM2 Stabilizer

  • Anchoring the Exoprecise for upward movement, above the shoulders.
  • Adapting to torso height raise and lower the placement; in-between the waist, and belly-button.


  • Bridging the Exoprecise and ROM2 Axis Stabilizer.
  • Adjustable and detachable, giving the option to wear inside your belt loop (selected models).
cricket coaching aid


Proper sizing is critical to the best performance of your Laser Power ST, visit our Quickstart page, or download the PDF below.

Learn more about Exoprecise, visit the official website