Laser Power Swing Trainer


Groundbreaking, Exoprecise resistance and acceleration harmoniously interact, our patented Laser Power Swing Trainer surrounds your torso; simultaneously expanding, contracting, and morphing to your body’s natural motion. Wear during batting practice (baseball and softball), or dry swings at home to strengthen hitting muscles, stabilize posture, stimulate fast twitch fibers, and improve mechanics. You’ll enjoy hitting with more bat speed, power, and swing consistency. Adjustable to fit all sizes

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  • Seamlessly integrate with your batting practice, working with all drills, swings, and methods. Require guidance for hitting? Try our free access hitting tips.
  • Isolate and improve power hitting mechanics by removing either arm, or increase the resistance to fix a long swing and casting swing.
  • Adjustable to fit youth, and pros; suitable for ages 8 years, and above.
  • Our globally patented Exoprecise design is silky smooth, comfortable on the sensitive skin of your arms, chest, and back, morphing to your body, and swing mechanics; giving precise resistance to improve powerful movements, such as hitting.
  • Customers include MLB® players and NCAA® teams, selling to over 25 countries.
  • Safe, durable, ultra-high PSI tensile strength, and elastic limit; passing rigorous, “extension-contraction” testing under extreme conditions, without permanent alteration.
  • Easy to follow quickstart guide, paper version included with delivery, and 24/7 access to our website quickstart page.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee. Special limited time offer, free global shipping, tracking included.
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Brand-new and packaged, direct from the manufacturer


30-day full money back, 12 months full warranty


Ages 8 and up, supervision required, ages 16 and under


Easy to follow quick start guide, included with delivery


Free global shipping, with live tracking, 3-7 days worldwide, delivery time


Adjustable to fit all sizes


Exoprecise resistance technology, high-tensile, latex-free


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