3-Step Reflex, And Stance Drill

About The Video

Overview: Laser Reflex

  • Setup: Laser Reflex
  • Bat: Standard, or Laser Pro (heavy bat)
  • Contact: Closer to your body
  • Purpose: Coaching the skills necessary for success against powerful and accurate pitchers, with an arsenal of secondary pitch types, for example; hard and late-breaking slider, and split-finger fastball.


  • Rushing/reaching encourages the pull-side groundball, pop-up, and striking out.
  • Fix approximately 70% of mistakes simply by using our Exoprecise hitting trainers, tracking the ball longer, making contact closer to the body, generating power with the core muscles, conversely, the weaker arms, and shoulders. Exoprecise forces, provide more time to track the ball, using the compact swing; use it to your advantage, improving your batter’s eye, bat speed, and power.
  • Watch players side-on, the back foot is the final link of the Kinetic Chain; big muscles fire first, and the small follow. Check the back foot is spinning fast and on the toes.
  • Avoid trying to pull the ball down the line, conversely, aiming up the middle, and the outfield gaps, helping to stay back; keeping the ball in fair territory.
  • Minimize head movement at contact and follow through. Jerky head movement indicates over swinging, pull hitting approach and predetermining an unnatural high-lift on the follow-through; triggering the back shoulder to hyper-extend, bumping your chin.
  • Don’t think! The subconscious triggers your reflexes, processing information faster, comparing to the conscious mind. Overthinking interrupts the reflex system, shut down the mind, opening your eyes; facing the dominant fastball pitcher.
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