Coaching the Basics of Rotation

Video Transcript

  1. You are going to learn to recognize the muscles in your hips used to turn your back leg/rotate
  2. Pick your leg up and turn, nice and easy to start, get your hips into it a bit more this time
  3. Try to get an L-Shape, akin to rotating in a game; that’s the same type of movement you are working on. It’s easier to learn by lifting your foot off the ground; in the game speed and momentum does it for you
  4. Same movement, this time let your hips move your arms, and the bat
  5. See, you can swing the bat without your arms, that’s the middle part of your swing; you are always aim to be connected to your core, just before contact, once connected you will turn
  6. 3 sets of five repetitions
  7. This is teaching you how to “stay connected.” Now you will understand the concept better when a coach tells you to keep your “hands inside the ball
  8. Within a section of the swing, when you get connected to your core, that’s where the magic happens!
  9. With that movement in mind, you’re ready for your hitting drills
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