Part 4: Turn-Control Drill

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  • Recognizing the core muscles, turning your back leg.
  • Pick your leg up and turn, nice and easy to start, get your hips into it a bit more this time, making the L-Shape, akin to hitting on game day, in this case, lifting your foot off the ground; in the game the back leg, spin-speed produces the momentum, leading-to weightlessness.
  • Move your arms and the bat, using the core-turn, swinging the bat without moving your arms, coaching the middle part of the swing; where the magic happens! Staying connected, and turning to hit the inside fastball, understanding the concept, keeping the “hands inside the ball.“
  • 3 sets of 5-10 repetitions, training the movement, you’re ready to take batting practice.
Hit Lasers Challenge, Multi-Swing Method, Reflex
Hit Lasers Challenge, Turn-Control, Victoria Park