Basic Tips, Approach, And Game Day

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Basic Batting Tips

Focus on simplicity, reducing unnecessary swing movement, and information overload

  • Coaching baseball and softball players for success on game day: Track the ball, keeping your head down; aim to hit the ball up the middle.
  • Avoid over-complicating mechanics: Minimize swing movement, improving your chances of success against the best pitchers in your league.
  • Advanced home-run mechanics: Triggering a long/slow game day swing, additionally, the “launch angle” strategy relies on the pitcher, making a mistake. The problem? The best pitchers don’t make mistakes!
  • Preparing for the best pitchers: practice hitting the challenging locations.
  • Clouding the conscious mind: Close the mind and open your eyes, unlocking the powerful subconscious mind, activating the reflexes.
  • Opposite field hitting approach: The proper hitting approach improves mechanics, conversely, pulling the baseball/softball, practicing to hit home runs; triggers over-swinging, rushing, lunging, and pulling off the ball.
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