Basic Hitting

Batting Training Tools

Focus on simplicity, reducing unnecessary swing movement, and information overload

Train hitting drills to prepare yourself for game day success. Track the ball, keep your head down and hit the ball up the middle.
Avoid over-completed hitting mechanics. Minimize swing movement, improving your chances of success against the best pitchers in your league

Over-complicated home-run mechanics develop a long game day swing, additionally, the only chance you have for success is by waiting for the pitcher to make a mistake. The problem with this strategy? Good pitchers don’t make mistakes.

In order to hit the best pitchers you need a plan to hit the two most difficult pitch locations.

Avoid clouding your mind with too much information

Close your mind and opening your eyes, unlocking your subconscious mind; utilizing your reflexes with your baseball swing.

Develop an opposite field hitting approach

Focusing on a good hitting approach naturally improves swing mechanics. Thinking to pull the baseball, or trying to hit home runs is a catalyst for overswinging, rushing, lunging, and pulling off the ball.

Basic Hitting Tips
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