Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer


  • Raising the elbows to check the level of Exoprecise forces, adjusting the size of your baseball/softball hitting aid, comfortable to use for batting practice.
  • Batting practice, as usual, Exoprecise hitting trainers seamlessly integrate with your hitting program.
  • Hit with both arms inside for Laser Blast drills, removing the lead arm for Laser Whip drills.
  • Raising the trailing elbow, Exoprecise force strengthens baseball/softball muscles to hit the ball hard.
  • Exoprecise forces give you a power-hitting workout, stronger, and faster on every swing, strengthening the power-hitting muscles.
  • Releasing from the Exoprecise forces, BOOM! Triggers the ignition of bat speed.
  • Helping from the start of your swing to the finish, feeling the immediate increase in bat speed, and power.
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Spring 2020, Bat Speed Training

Wearing the #LaserBST (#BatSpeedTrainer), how it works, benefits, design, #SpringTraining BP tips, Multi-Swing Method, Think Mechanics; elongating swing path, extending, ahead in the batting count.

Posted by Hit Lasers on Saturday, February 8, 2020