Instant Bat Speed and Power

Heavy Bat Training Aid Tips

  • 34 inch + weighted heavy training bat. Our power hitting aid keeps your back elbow connected to your hips, to prevent reaching and keeping your hands inside the baseball (short swing).
  • The heavy training bat forces you to use your hips. Let it travel. You can’t reach out. As a result, it helps you to, “stay back” and “stay closed.”
  • Use your hips and stay connected with your swing. You have to use your hips to make solid contact. Setting resistance to high; you’re limiting the influence of your arms and isolating the “blast” stage of your swing.
  • Don’t try to pull the ball, let it happen naturally. If you try to pull the ball you will either; hook it foul with top-spin, pop-up or fail to make contact. The Laser Power Swing Trainer guides you to bat speed and mechanics to hit this pitch.
  • Pulling the ball with backspin, straight down the line, for a home run.
  • Laser Blast Drills: You can decide to reduce resistance and work on mid-range and extended contact zones. Note the product used in this video is our original, model; Laser Power Swing Trainer. Replaced by the current model.
Bat Speed Gifs
Hitting GIF