Baseball Power Load



During your swing load, and seperation your back elbow moves away from your body; pushing against our baseball swing trainer. Patented Exoprecise forces, strengthens your power hitting muscles, improves mechanics; releasing triggers a boost in bat speed to start your swing.

  • Laser Blast: Both arms inside your power load baseball swing trainer.
  • Laser Whip: Back arm inside your power load baseball swing trainer.
  • Laser Shot: Set-up: Front arm inside to improve frontside mechanics, and fix casting.
  • Works with all swing types, and hitting methods.
  • Works with all hitting drills.
  • Eliminates the complexities of hitting.
  • Train a complete baseball swing, hitting for a high batting average, and power.
  • You’ll see immediate results.
  • Boosting bat speed in the exact moment it’s required.
  • Prepare your swing for the power pitchers in your league; hitting spots with late-breaking movement.
  • It works practicing as usual.
  • Quickly reversing bad swing habits.
Baseball Stance And Load