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Bryce Harper Swing Analysis

MLB player Swing Analysis

Player: Bryce Harper
Overall Swing Rating: 6/10
Height: 6’3″
B/T: L/R
Dominant Hand: Bottom hand
Top/Bottom Hand Swing Type: Top hand
Hand/Elbow Position: High
Stance Width: Wide
Stance Position: Crouching
Load: Knee in
Load Movement: Long
Swing Path: Barrel on level path to the ball
Head Movement: Head off the ball
Power/Average: Power
Strengths: Hitting lower speed pitches
Weakness: Above average MLB fastballs
Ballpark: Hitter Friendly

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Summary: Interesting to note Bryce Harper is a bottom hand dominant player using a top hand dominant baseball power swing, at 6’3″ this gives him extra reach on the outside edge; if he was below 6’3″ I would suggest releasing the top hand for covering, extremely low and outside pitches. Bryce disengages his core by crouching, his swing path is one dimensional (traditional get the bat path level to the ball), always using a two-hand follow through (top hand dominant type), and his head pulls off the ball before contact, as a result, struggles to hit for an above 300 batting average. In summary, a player who will hit 30-40 home runs a year, especially in a hitter-friendly ballpark. However, has the potential to hit more home runs if he learns to use his core power, as opposed to relying on his upper body (crouching in the batting stance disengages most core power). Additionally, being a bottom hand dominant hitter, he can mix in a top hand release swing when required, making him unbeatable on the outside part of the plate, for hard late breaking, and soft and away pitches.

Over the next few weeks, I will provide an objective breakdown of the most popular MLB player swings, and select the player with the best swing.


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