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Video Transcript

  1. Hello, I’m Clint Balgera the inventor of the Laser Power Swing Trainer. Today I’m covering the basic principles of my Multi-Swing Method. Training mechanics to hit the two most challenging pitch locations, low and outside, and “up and inside;” everything else in between becomes easy.
  2. First, let’s discuss hitting the ball closer to your body. For example, “up and inside;”
  3. For advanced hitters, I recommend to use a heavy training bat. The only way to swing a heavy bat with a short swing is to “stay connected” to your core. Your core muscles take the weight from your arms.
  4. For contact closer to your body, keep both hands on the bat with your follow through and don’t lift. Short-Flat swing path designed to square up a higher, faster and flatter pitch type. Long and arcing swing path we will use for “low and outside.”
  5. Keeping one or two hands on your bat works better for certain locations.
  6. I’m teaching you how to maximize the strength of your top and bottom hands; and which swing type correlates to the depth of your contact
  7. For example, if you keep both hands on the bat for “low-and-outside,” you’ll “roll over.” Taking your bottom hand off as you feel pressure on your rear shoulder gives you extra reach/plate coverage
  8. Up-and-inside the ball is up on you quick, you don’t have time to extend, you need to be “short and flat.” It’s physically impossible to hit “Up-and-inside” fastball close to your body then extend through the ball. Keep both hands on your finish, short, flat swing path. Do not alter your natural swing path by lifting.
  9. If you get the barrel to the fastball closer to your body, you are “connected” at contact; you will crush the ball; you don’t need the extension for power; you are using force from your body’s core muscles.
  10. Releasing your bottom hand on your finish helps for contact further away from your body; giving your more plate coverage, good for two-strike hitting.
  11. Using a heavy bat you can’t cheat and use your arms, you have to have good rotational mechanics. For the extension drill we are using a light bat, as you get further away from your body; you need bat speed and momentum for power. You have the option to do the same in a game, depending on the type of pitcher you are facing. In a game if you expect “low-and-away” use a light bat. For “hard-up-inside” use a heavier bat. For “up-inside” we recommend to shorten up, akin to Barry Bonds; all you need to do is get the barrel head to the ball, staying “short and flat.”
  12. For “low and away,” use a light bat; whipping the bat too, and through the ball.
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