Multi-Swing Method, Pro-Edition

About The Video

  • Length: 4 minutes, and 11 seconds.
  • Location: Fremantle, Western Australia; Australia.
  • Overview: Multi-Swing Method pro edition. Hard, and inside heavy bat drill, compact/flat swing, and two-handed finish. Switching to the lighter bat, extending top-hand release; low/outside pitch-locations. Game-day implementation.
  • Presenter: Clinton Balgera, inventor of Exoprecise, and creator of the Multi-Swing Method.
  • Drills: Heavy bat, and lighter bat side toss.
  • Multi-Swing Method: Reflex, and Hybrid mechanics.

Summary: Video Transcript

  • Hello, I’m Clinton Balgera the inventor of Exoprecise hitting trainers. Today, introducing our Multi-Swing Method, coaching mechanics for the challenging pitches, low and outside, and up. and inside.
  • First, let’s discuss hitting the ball closer to your body. For advanced hitters, I recommend to use a heavy training bat. The proper way to swing a heavy bat is with a short swing, “staying connected” to the core, taking the weight for your weaker arm muscles.
  • For contact closer to your body, keep both hands on the bat with your follow through, and don’t lift. Short-Flat swing path, squaring-up the high, and flat fastball; the elongating swing-path, using for the low, and outside pitch.
  • Keeping one, and two hands on the bat, depending on the pitch/location, and the depth of contact.
  • Both hands on the bat, hitting the low, and outside pitch, pulling a ground-ball, releasing the top hand, feeling the pressure on your trailing shoulder provides the extra reach/plate coverage.
  • Up-and-inside, the ball is up-on-you fast, extending is not an option, requiring the compact, short, and flat swing. Avoid altering the flat swing path by lifting, otherwise, knocking your head of the ball.
  • Getting your barrel to the fastball closer to your body, “staying connected” at contact, crushing the ball; you don’t need the extension for power, using the core muscle force.
  • Using a heavy bat prevents arming the swing, using proper core/turning/rotational mechanics.
  • Switching to a lighter bat, providing the bat speed, and momentum for extending power. Expecting, low, and away on game-day; use a light bat. Releasing the top hand on your finish, whipping the bat to contact, and through the ball; extending away from the body for plate coverage, and two-strike hitting.
  • Hard, up and inside hit with the heavy bat and shorten up, akin to Barry Bonds; get the barrel head to the ball, staying short. and flat.
Hybrid, Multi-Swing Method, Reflex
Fremantle, Gameday Hitting, Heavy Bat Training Aid, Hybrid Mechanics, Reflex Mechanics

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